Ultimate Designer Care Kit
Ultimate Designer Care Kit
Ultimate Designer Care Kit

Ultimate Designer Care Kit

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From smooth leathers like lambskin, calfskin to suede and nubuck, this ultimate care kit caters to all your leather care needs. This is the ultimate designer leather care kit for your bags and accessories.

Each kit includes:

  • Apple Leather Care Cleaner (4oz, 118ml)
    This cleaner is free of waxes, oils, or additives which interfere with the cleaning process. It helps removes soil, grease and excess oils from leather. The balanced formula helps preserve the natural chemical composition of leather and prolongs the life of your leather bags and accessories. 
  • Apple Leather Care Conditioner (4oz, 118ml)
    This conditioner is a specially formulated to gently clean, condition, and preserve finished, exotic, naked, and simulated leathers. The Conditioner does not contain silicone or other harmful chemicals. It will not cause wax or silicone build-up, allowing the leather to breathe. It will not darken finish or leave a greasy residue if used correctly. It is an odourless, non-staining formula.  

  • Apple Garde Rain & Stain Repellent (5.5oz 162ml) 
    This gentle leather protectant can be used safely on all leathers, exotic skins, suede, nubuck and fabric. Regular use of the repellent helps prevent spotting and damage from perspiration, beverages and even grease. 
  • Apple Suede & Nubuck Cleaner (4oz, 118ml)
    The Apple Suede & Nubuck Cleaner contains a wax and oil free formula, making it safe to remove most oil and water based stains from suede and nubuck leather. The perfectly balanced formula helps to preserve the nature composition of suede and nubuck.
  • Cadillac Suede & Nubuck Kit
    Our finest Suede & Nubuck kit with a reusable clamshell storage container. Unique, easy to use cleaning bar erases spots and soil from all colors. This kit contains a nylon brush and double-sided bar: one side for suede, the other for nubuck.
  • Cadillac Shine Kit
    The Cadillac Shine Kit comes with a 100% horsehair brush, polish applicator and flannel shine cloth to keep your leather shoes looking lush.

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