Care Guide - Care for your Balenciaga Bags

Top Tips:

  • Always store your Balenciaga Bags in their original dust bags. Do not store them in plastic bags. A good alternative is to store it in a pillow case.
  • To help retain the shape of the bag stuff it with soft materials such as old clothes or soft crushed stuffing papers. You can also purchase small cushions available in craft stores to put into the bags.
  • Air your Balenciaga Bags at least once every six months, even if you do not use them.
  • Store your Balenciaga Bags with dehumidifiers such as Thirsty Hippo and Kiwi in place.
  • Always find a hidden area to do a small patch test. Do not skip this important step. You need to check how your leather reacts to the leather care products before proceeding to applying it on the entire bag.

Recommended Products

For cleaning and conditioning, we recommend using the Apple Leather Care Conditioner. The Apple Leather Conditioner works as a mild cleaner to remove surface dirt and grime from your Balenciaga Bags while restoring the emollients of the leather. Please be cautious when using the conditioner on the handles. If you attempt to use the conditioner on the handles as a cleaner, please avoid over-rubbing. It may cause the color from the handle to come off.

There are also raves on the Meltonian Cleaner and Conditioner by Balenciaga Bag lovers. This brand is also highly raved by Chanel and Hermes Bag Lovers for the effective removal of color transfers.

I personally prefer using Apple Leather Conditioner over Meltonian Cleaner and Conditioner as I feel that the Meltonian Cleaner and Conditioner has a stronger smell which I do not like.

After conditioning, spray a light mist of Apple Garde Rain & Stain repellent to the entire bag to prevent water stains and make future cleaning easier. Please do not apply the repellent by spraying into a cloth and rubbing onto the bag as this may cause the color to bleed.

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